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Where Enablement means a lot!

The technology of today is evolving more rapidly than ever before in human history. The networking market has already revolutionized our lives and the Internet of Everything is connecting more and more devices every day. ICT has already made the move from being a nice gadget to a way of life.

It should be obvious then, that such a significant change in our connected world would require drastic improvements of our technical skill-sets. In response to this growing need of cutting-edge technical training, we’d like to present PrepforceX - IT training in the absolute technical forefront, building on decades on IT training expertise and designed to bring the networking elite together in order to achieve the highest level of knowledge transfer possible.

Our vision is to bring empowerment to IT professionals. We possess the critical knowledge and experience to share and pass on the crucial technology understanding neededin this brave new world. Backed by our cutting-edge expertise team of subject matter experts our promise is to deliver the IT training needed without looking back at outdated or obsolete ways of learning.

PrepforceX is a compliment to Insoft’s regular course curriculum, consisting of only in-house produced material by some of the best IT minds around, designed to challenge, question, teach and ultimately elevate the world of IT Training.