Application Delivery Controllers – FortiADC E Series Models

Application Delivery Controllers – FortiADC E Series Models

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Technology : Network Security

Duration : 1 Days Course

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  • Application Delivery Controllers – FortiADC E Series Models

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    In this 1-day instructor-led classroom or online class, you will learn to configure and administrate the most commonly used features of a FortiADC-E Application Delivery Controller. In interactive labs, you will explore Layer 4 and Layer 7 Server Load Balancing, Link Load Balancing, Global Load Balancing, High Availability, Firewall Policies, advanced routing and more.

    These administrative fundamentals will provide you with a solid understanding of how to implement and maintain an advanced application delivery solution.

    Associated Certification:

    This prepares you for the FortiADC Specialist Exam. This course qualifies as a specialist course for the NSE 6 designation.


    Introduction and System Settings Server Load Balancing Link and Global Load Balancing Advanced Networking and Security Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

    After completing these courses, you will be able to:

    • Describe the advanced load balancing features of a FortiADC-E device.
    • Identify devices from the FortiADC product range.
    • Deploy the unit in different network scenarios.
    • Protect your servers against connection attempts coming from malicious IP addresses.
    • Intelligently distribute the traffic among multiple servers based on the TCP and HTTP content.
    • Automatically route the traffic to another server if a problem is detected.
    • Increase the resources in your servers by offloading the compression , encryption and decryption of SSL traffic to the FortiADC-E devices.
    • Intelligently distribute the traffic among servers located in different geographical locations.
    • Load balance the inbound and outbound traffic among multiple uplink connections to the Internet.
    • Implement a High Availability solution using multiple FortiADC-E devices for traffic load balancing and failover protection.


    • Module 1 -Introduction and System Settings
    • Module 2 – Server Load Balancing
    • Module 3 – Link and Global Load Balancing
    • Module 4 – Failover

    Target Audience

    • Anyone who is responsible for day-to-day management of FortiADC-E appliances.


    • TCP/IP network experience and a basic understanding of HTTP and Web concepts.

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