Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 for Enterprise Networks Management – Bootcamp

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 for Enterprise Networks Management – Bootcamp

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Technology : Network Management/Design

Duration : 5 Days Course

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  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 for Enterprise Networks Management – Bootcamp

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    Cisco Prime Infrastructure is part of a Unified Access solution that converges traditional wired and wireless networks into a single network management tool. The Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 for Enterprise Networks Management – Bootcamp provides students with the knowledge and skills to deploy, manage, and maintain a Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution.


    Insoft Specials

    This course workshop is part of our custom created special courses because of one or more following reasons.

    • Most of the time, the courses are requested by Cisco BU.
    • The courses designed are part of the Cisco derivative work approved contents.
    • The course was designed to follow an exam where Cisco approved contents are not available.
    • The course follows a specific project, which is been requested by a customer.


    Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

    • Defining Network Management
    • Exploring the Network Management Process
    • Introducing Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0
    • Installing Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0
    • Getting Started with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • Configuring Initial Server Settings

    Inventory Management

    • Populating the Network Inventory
    • Managing the Network Inventory
    • Managing Groups
    • Managing Network Device Software Images

    Map the Network

    • Managing Wireless Maps
    • Managing Network Topology Maps

    Role-Based Access Control

    • Managing Virtual Domains
    • Managing Local User Authentication and Authorization
    • Managing Remote AAA Mode Settings

    Configuration Management

    • Managing the Configuration Archive
    • Managing Configuration Templates for Wired Devices
    • Managing Configurations for Wireless Devices
    • Using Plug and Play

    Services Management

    • Working with AVC, QoS, and IWAN Services
    • Deploying Cisco TrustSec Identity Services

    Monitor and Troubleshoot

    • Monitoring Devices and Interfaces
    • Monitoring the Wireless Network
    • Monitoring Applications
    • Tracking Clients and Users
    • Generating Reports

    System Administration

    • Managing the Server
    • Using Cisco Prime Infrastructure API
    • Using Operations Center

    Supplement to 3.0 version

    • License Change
    • Installation Options
    • New Interface Change
    • Populating the Network Inventory
    • Software Inventory
    • Configuration Management
    • AVC
    • Monitoring
    • Operation Center
    • PSIRT/EOX Reports
    • Wireless Troubleshooting
    • Configuration Baseline Compliance
    • Data Center Management

    Target Audience

    • Knowledge of networks and networking terminology (CCNA Routing and Switching or equivalent)
    • Knowledge of wireless networks and wireless networking terminology (CCNA Wireless or equivalent)
    • It is recommended that students have previous training or experience with network administration, management, and troubleshooting.

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