Datacenter Network Infrastructure

Datacenter Network Infrastructure

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Technology : Prepforce Specials (DC)

Duration : 3 Days Course

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  • Datacenter Network Infrastructure

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    Acquiring the knowledge needed to understand how the existing data centers work and are structured in terms of network infrastructure.

    The course analyzes the network topology and the specific components of the data center, both in real and in virtualized scenarios. The course includes different lab sessions on real equipment, in order to better understand the theoretical concepts and acquire analysis and troubleshooting skills.


    Laboratory sessions are conducted on real equipment in order to replicate all theoretical topics and to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


    • Server Farm Topology
    • Hypervisors and File System Distribution
    • Layer 2 switching
    • Spanning Tree vs TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links)
    • Blade Switch, Top of Rack Switch
    • Server Virtualization Switch
    • Blade Server, Virtualized Server
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • Fiber Channel Technology
    • Security features
    • Next generation Firewall
    • Virtual Firewall
    • High Availability (HA) Management
    • Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery
    • SDN Overview
    • Open Fabric
    • Open Stack
    • Open Flow

    Target Audience

    • IT Managers and ICT technical personnel.


    • IP Networking good skills.

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