WDAWL 1.1 – Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs

WDAWL 1.1 – Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs

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Technology : Wireless / Mobility

Duration : 2 Days Course

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  • WDAWL 1.1 – Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs

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    The course is two days of instructor-led training intended to build on the foundational learning from the required prerequisite course, Deploying Basic Cisco Wireless LANs (WDBWL). This advanced course is designed with the goal of providing learners with the knowledge and skills to successfully plan, install, configure, troubleshoot, monitor, and maintain advanced Cisco Wireless LAN solutions such as QoS, “salt and pepper” mobility, high density deployments, and mesh networks in an enterprise customer environment.


    When you complete this course, you will be able to:

    • Describe the mechanisms and messaging used in a Unified Wireless architecture which allow the client to change AP association, while maintaining the current session and IP addressing.
    • Discuss the challenges faced in providing a quality user experience in a high density wireless network deployment scenario.
    • Differentiate the operational characteristics of, and implement, a wireless MESH architecture.


    Client Mobility between Subnets

    • Understanding Same Subnet Roaming
    • Understanding Inter-subnet Mobility

    Network Efficiency

    • Configuring Quality of Service
    • Configuring IPv6

    High Density Deployment Challenges

    • Effects of Client Density on a Wireless Network
    • Planning for Areas of High Client Density

    Implementing Mesh Network

    • Describing Wireless Mesh Networks
    • Describing MeshFormation
    • Implementing a Mesh Network for the Enterprise
    • Configuring Advanced Mesh Features
    • Troubleshooting a Mesh Network


    • Lab 4-1: Configuring Mesh Access Points

    Target Audience

    • Channel Partner / Reseller
    • Customer
    • Employee


    Recommended skills a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

    • Completion of Deploying Basic Cisco Wireless LANs (WDBWL) or equivalent work experience.
    • Basic to intermediate level networking and wireless networking.
    • Basic to intermediate level RF / wireless field experience.

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