Mastering SQL DB Management

Mastering SQL DB Management

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Technology : Prepforce Specials (DC)

Duration : 4 Days Course

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  • Mastering SQL DB Management

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    This course explains how to create and manage a database on SQL Server systems. The training starts analyzing the editing and insertion commands for data in the tables, it continues exploring the search and filter methods for the output generated by the queries. It also describes the log methodologies used in monitoring and storage, the trigger insertion and the altering operation for the output table. Finally, a part related to the query translation from XML to SQL and vice versa is proposed.


    • SQL Database creation
    • Table selection
    • Search filters: Fields and Records
    • Regular Expressions
    • Exercises with most important predicates for Queries: SELECT, FROM, WHEN, CASE, Like…
    • Search operation with correlation between tables: Inner e Outer JOINs
    • Database Snapshots
    • Database File Structures
    • Log files and Storage allocation
    • Altering table views
    • Aliases
    • Trigger insertion and management
    • XQuery methods (XML Query)
    • Binding XML to SQL and viceversa
    • OPENXML parameters for T-SQL

    Target Audience

    • Technical personnel and IT Manager involved in management of SQL Database systems.


    During the practical sessions we will deliver to the participants different SQL Server systems developed in virtualized environment, in order to allow each one a specific access for the exercises. The lab Database has a pre-installed environment already configured and populated in which it is immediately possible to run SQL scripts related to the discussed topics.

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