Cisco ROSA NMS Foundation (ROSANMSF)

Cisco ROSA NMS Foundation (ROSANMSF)

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Technology : Service Provider Video

Duration : 4 Days Course

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  • Cisco ROSA NMS Foundation (ROSANMSF)

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    The Cisco ROSA® Network Management System (NMS) Foundation Training Version 3.0 instructor-led course offered by Cisco® Learning Services teaches you how to manage and monitor the equipment and network layers of your video delivery systems using the Cisco ROSA NMS. The Cisco ROSA NMS is part of the Cisco Videoscape™ Origination Suite for service providers.

    This course teaches you how to customize the Cisco ROSA NMS solution to reflect the configuration of your network by adding protocols and devices. You will learn how to monitor your network using system maps, messages (alarms), and reports. In addition, you will learn how to manage software licenses and users, change alarm parameters, automate tasks with macros, back up the server, and use several optional tasks and components. This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to ensure that you can manage and monitor equipment using the Cisco ROSA NMS.


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Understanding Cisco ROSA NMS components, servers, client, and topology
    • Adding drivers and units
    • Integrating Cisco ROSA Element Manager with Cisco ROSA NMS
    • Creating a map with advanced features and security
    • Working with messages (alarms)
    • Examining reports
    • Managing users, security settings, and passwords
    • Managing Cisco ROSA NMS software and licenses
    • Managing Cisco UCS® server and user management
    • Using Cisco ROSA NMS Notification Task, Performance Logging Task, Performance Data Compression Task, and SNMP Agent Task
    • Using Cisco ROSA NMS Server Backup, Backup Registry, GroupWise Equipment Manager, Settings Management, Aggregated Service Status Reflection (ASSR) components
    • Creating a basic custom Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) driver
    • Using Macro component basics and macro presets


    • Module 1: Cisco ROSA NMS Fundamentals
      • Lesson 1: Exploring Cisco ROSA NMS
      • Lesson 2: Working with Units
      • Lesson 3: Working with the Cisco ROSA Element Manager
      • Lesson 4: Working with Messages (Alarms)
      • Lesson 5: Examining Reports
    •  Module 2: Server Administration Basics
      • Lesson 1: Managing Cisco ROSA NMS Users
      • Lesson 2: Managing Cisco ROSA NMS Software and Licenses
      • Lesson 3: Cisco UCS Server Management Overview
    •  Module 3: Cisco ROSA NMS Maps
      • Lesson 1: Introducing Maps
      • Lesson 2: Adding Advanced Objects to Maps
      • Lesson 3: Managing Map Files
    • Module 4: ROSA NMS Task Overview
      • Lesson 1: IntroducingTask Fundamentals
      • Lesson 2: Introducing the Notification Task
      • Lesson 3: Introducing the Performance Logging Task
      • Lesson 4: Introducing the Performance Data Compression Task
      • Lesson 5: Introducing the SNMP Agent Task
    •  Module 5: Cisco ROSA NMS Component Overview
      • Lesson 1: Introducing Backup Components
      • Lesson 2: Introducing Device Management Components
      • Lesson 3: Creating a Basic Custom SNMP Driver
      • Lesson 4: Introducing the Macro Component

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to add managed network components to Cisco ROSA NMS and monitor network operations. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • System engineers
    • Technical support personnel
    • Channel partners and resellers


    • There are no prerequisite courses.

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