Managing Enterprise Security with Cisco Security Manager (SSECMGT) 4.0

Managing Enterprise Security with Cisco Security Manager (SSECMGT) 4.0

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Technology : Cisco Security

Duration : 5 Days Course

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  • Managing Enterprise Security with Cisco Security Manager (SSECMGT) 4.0

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    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Present an overview of the Cisco Security Manager product, describe the main product features, and introduce the basic deployment tasks
    • Manage configuration of Cisco ASA adaptive security appliances and Cisco FWSM firewall devices, and explain firewall event management and device configuration correlation
    • Describe the most commonly used VPN topologies and their deployment
    • Examine the configuration of intrusion prevention mechanisms on the Cisco IOS platform, modules, and standalone appliances, as well as explain the Cisco IPS event and configuration correlation
    • Explain how Cisco Security Manager works with Cisco IOS devices, including the new Cisco ISR G2 routers
    • Describe the FlexConfig functionality of Cisco Security Manager, the workflow mode of operation, and administrative tasks and integration with Cisco Secure ACS


    CSM Overview


    • Using CSM
      • Installation Procedure
      • Working with the User Interface
      • New Features of 4.0
    • Managing Devices
      • Preparing the Devices for CSM
      • Device View
      • Adding Devices to CSM Inventory
      • Working with Devices with Dynamically Assigned IP Addresses
      • Device Properties, Credentials, and Grouping
      • On-Demand, Out-of-Band Change Detection
    • Managing Policies
      • Policies Overview
      • Managing Policies in Device View
      • Managing Shared Policies in Policy View
      • Interface Roles
      • Advanced Policy Features
      • Policy Locking
      • Discovering Policies
    • Managing Objects
      • Objects Overview
      • Policy Object Manager Window
      • Overriding Global Objects for Individual Devices
      • Selecting Objects for Policies
    • Using Map View
      • Maps Overview
      • Displaying Your Network on the Map
      • Managing Firewall Services
      • Managing VPNs
      • Managing Device Policies


    Firewall Policy Management


    • Managing Firewall Services
      • Managing Rules Tables
      • Access Rules and Their Functions
      • Access Control Settings
      • Inspection Rules
      • AAA Rules
      • Web Filter Rules
      • Transparent and Zone-Based Firewall Rules
      • Interface and Global Rules
      • Botnet Traffic Filtering
    • Managing Firewall Devices
      • Platform Policies
      • NAT Policies
      • Bridging Policies
      • Device Administration Policies
      • Logging Policies
      • Multicast Policies
      • Routing Policies
      • Security Policies
      • Service Policy Rules
      • Security Contexts
    • Event Monitoring and Rule Correlation for Firewalls
      • Supported Devices and Events in Event Viewer
      • EventServer Overview
      • Cisco ASA Device Bootstrapping
      • Event-to-Policy Correlation
      • Event Collection and Event Viewer Settings


    VPN Policy Configuration


    • Managing VPNs
      • Overview of Site-to-Site VPNs
      • Working with VPN Topologies
      • Working with Site-to-Site VPN Policies
      • Configuring Advanced VPN Platforms
    • Managing Remote Access IPsec VPNs
      • Overview of Remote-Access VPNs
      • Working with Policies in Remote-Access VPNs
      • Configuring VPN Options
    • Configuring Client-Based SSL VPNs
      • SSL VPN Management Features and Platform Support
      • Overview of Remote-Access SSL VPNs
      • Bootstrapping Cisco ASA for Full Tunnel SSL VPN
      • Configuring Full Tunnel SSL VPN
    • Configuring Clientless SSL VPNs
      • Clientless SSL VPN Overview
      • Clientless SSL VPN Configuration
      • Working with Application Plug-Ins
      • SSL VPN Portal Customization
    • Configuring Advanced VPN Configurations
      • Managing Cisco Security Desktop Policy
      • Configuring Dynamic Access Policies (DAP)
      • Creating Group Policies
      • Creating Remote Connection Profiles
      • Working with VPN AAA
    • Deploying Advanced VPN Technologies
      • Hub-and-Spoke Prerequisites
      • DMVPN Overview
      • GET VPN Overview
      • GRE over IPsec
      • VPN Dial Backup
      • VRF-Aware IPsec
      • VPN High Availability


    Cisco IPS Solutions Management


    • Managing Cisco IPS Services
      • Overview of Network Sensing
      • Configuring Interfaces
      • Configuring and Working with IPS Signatures
      • Configuring Anomaly Detection
      • Configuring Event Actions
      • Configuring Global Correlation
    • Managing Cisco IPS Devices
      • Managing Modules and Appliances
      • Configuring Policies
      • Managing Updates
    • Managing Cisco IPS Events
      • CSM IPS Event Management
      • Mapping IPS Events to Policies


    Cisco IOS Device Provisioning


    • Managing Routers
      • Overview of Policy Management
      • Working with Platform Policies
      • NAT Policies
      • Interface Policies
      • Configuring Device Administration Policies
      • Identity Policies
      • Logging and QoS Policies
      • Routing Policies
      • Advanced Routing Configuration Options
      • Zone-Based Firewall
    • Using the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch and Cisco 7600 Series Router Device Manager
      • Managing Policies


    Management, Deployment, and Administration of FlexConfigs in CSM


    • Managing FlexConfigs
      • FlexConfig Overview
      • Creating FlexConfig Policy Objects
      • Working with FlexConfig
    • Managing Activities and Workflow Deployments
      • Working with Activities
      • Managing Deployment
    • Implementing Integration Between CSM and Cisco Secure ACS
      • Roles in CSM
      • RBAC with Cisco Secure ACS
      • Configuring Cisco Secure ACS and CSM for RBAC Integration
    • Backing Up and Restoring CSM Databases
    • Using Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Diagnostic Tools
      • Using the Tools Menu
      • Understanding CiscoWorks MCP
      • Understanding Cisco Packet Tracer
      • Cisco Security MARS Integration


    Cisco CCNP Security certification:

    • Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SECURE)
    • Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Features (FIREWALL)
    • Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN)
    • Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS7)
    • Understanding of networking and routing (on the CCNP level, but no certification is required).
    • Understanding of different VPN technologies (such as DMVPN, GET VPN, and SSL VPN).
    • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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