Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation (TEPF)

Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation (TEPF)

Course Information

Technology : Collaboration (CLS)

Duration : 1 Days Course

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  • Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation (TEPF)

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    The Cisco TelePresence® Endpoint Foundation version 2.0 is a one day instructor-led remote delivery course offered by High-Touch Delivery Learning Services will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to configure and maintain Cisco TelePresence endpoints running either TC or TX software.

    Software Version

    • TC 6.2 and TX6.0 endpoint software


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    •  Operate the web interface for Cisco Jabber Video™, Cisco® MXP, and Cisco TC software based endpoints
    • Configure a Cisco TelePresence TC software-based endpoint with H.323 and SIP for registration to a Cisco VCS
    •  Add Cisco TelePresence TC and TX software-based endpoints to Cisco Unified CM
    • Upgrade and back up Cisco TelePresence TC and TX software from Cisco Unified CM and manually where appropriate


    Course Outline

    • Module 1: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Operation
      • Operate endpoints using a web browser
      • Describe Cisco TelePresence multiple-site conferencing
    • Module 2: Endpoint Configuration and Maintenance
      • Configure Cisco TC software-based endpoints
      • Provision Cisco endpoints for Cisco Unified CM
      • Maintain TC and TX software-based endpoints
    • Module 3: Endpoint Troubleshooting
      • View call and registration details with the Cisco VCS
      • Troubleshoot Cisco TC software-based codecs
      • Collect logs from Cisco endpoints

    Lab Outline
    The lab outline is as follows:

    • Lab 1: Endpoint operation
    • Lab 2: TC software-based endpoint configuration
    • Lab 3: Unified CM with TC software-based configuration
    • Lab 4: TC software-based endpoint application interface
    • Lab 5: TC software-based endpoint root access and backup
    • Lab 6: Cisco VCS status menu
    • Lab 7: Troubleshooting
    • Lab 8: Endpoint logs

    Target Audience

    • Support staff
    • Service provider network operations center (NOC) personnel
    • Service provider engineers
    • Service provider partners


    Following are the prerequisites for this course:

    • Cisco TelePresence Basics On-Demand (TBOD)

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