Cisco TelePresence Support Advanced (TSA)

Cisco TelePresence Support Advanced (TSA)

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Technology : Collaboration (CLS)

Duration : 4 Days Course

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  • Cisco TelePresence Support Advanced (TSA)

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    The Cisco TelePresence® Support Advanced Training version 3.0 virtual instructor-led course offered by Cisco® Learning Services is lab intensive. This course provides a partner’s support staff the ability to troubleshoot issues ranging from configuration errors to complex infrastructure issues as related to the components of a Cisco TelePresence solution. This course is a hands-on lab-driven training with the exception of immersive Cisco TelePresence (TX9000) content, which is lecture based. This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully troubleshoot a Cisco TelePresence network.


    Software Versions:

    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) 10.5
    • Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) x8.2
    • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 14.5 and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension 1.3
    • Cisco TelePresence Conductor 2.4
    • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4.5 (theory only)
    • Cisco TelePresence Server 4.0
    • Cisco TelePresence Endpoints TC7.2 and TX6.1


    • Module 1: Registration Failure
      • Describing Registration Messages
      • Investigating Cisco TelePresence VCS Registration Failure
      • Capturing and Interpreting Logs to Find Cisco TelePresence VCS Registration Failures
      • Investigating Cisco UCM Registration Failure
      • Capturing and Viewing Logs to Find Cisco UCM Registration Failures
    • Module 2: Call Failure
      • Describing Call Signaling Messages
      • Investigating Call Failure for Cisco TelePresence VCS Associated Devices
      • Interpreting Logs on the Cisco TelePresence VCS and Associated Devices
      • Investigating Call Failure for Cisco UCM Associated Devices
      • Viewing and Interpreting Logs on Cisco UCM and Associated Devices
    • Module 3: Provisioning Failure
      • Obtaining and Viewing Packet Captures
      • Investigating Cisco TelePresence VCS and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Errors
      • Investigating Cisco UCM Provisioning Failure
    • Module 4: Call Quality
      • Media Review
      • Investigating Call Quality Issues
      • Investigating Logs to Determine Call Quality Issues
      • Module 5: Hardware Failure
      • Endpoint and Conference Device Hardware Failures
      • Call Control Hardware Failure and Monitoring
    • Module 6: Network Services and Firewalls
      • Checking Network Service Availability
      • Checking Firewall Ports
    • Module 7: Cisco TelePresence Management and Monitoring
      • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite as a Monitoring Device
      • Cisco UCM Call Detail Records
      • Troubleshooting Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
    • Module 8: Clustering
      • Solving Cisco TelePresence VCS, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, and Cisco TelePresence Conductor Clustering Issues
      • Solving Cisco TelePresence MCU and Cisco TelePresence Server Clustering Issues
      • Module 9: Fault Resolution Processes and Procedures
      • Fault Diagnosis
      • Fault Prevention and Documentation
      • Examining What to Do Before Contacting Cisco Technical Assistance Center
      • Communicating with Cisco TAC

    Lab Outline

    • Lab 1: Getting to Know the Network
    • Lab 2: Cisco TelePresence VCS and TelePresence Endpoint Registration Failures
    • Lab 3: Endpoint and Cisco TelePresence VCS Logs
    • Lab 4: Investigating Cisco UCM Registration Failure
    • Lab 5: Cisco UCM SIP Trace
    • Lab 6: Investigating Cisco TelePresence VCS Call Failure
    • Lab 7: Fault Finding on the Cisco TelePresence Conductor
    • Lab 8: Using the Cisco TelePresence UCM Dialed Number Analyzer
    • Lab 9: Obtaining and Viewing a Packet Capture
    • Lab 10: Investigating Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Issues
    • Lab 11: Investigating Cisco UCM Provisioning Issues
    • Lab 12: Analyzing H.323 Log Files
    • Lab 13: Analyzing SIP Log Files
    • Lab 14: Analyzing Interworking Log Files
    • Lab 15: Analyzing Cisco Jabber Video Traces
    • Lab 16: Investigating Call Quality Issues
    • Lab 17: Analyzing Logs for Audio and Video Issues
    • Lab 18: Fault Finding on the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
    • Lab 19: Test Plans
    • Lab 20: Submitting Information to TAC
    • Lab 21: Case Study

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to troubleshoot Cisco TelePresence installations. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • Cisco partner support community
    • Customer technical support personnel


    You must have one of the following prerequisites for this course:

    • Cisco TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training Intermediate for VCS
    • Equivalent experience

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