Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server Foundation (TVCSF)

Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server Foundation (TVCSF)

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Technology : Collaboration (CLS)

Duration : 3 Days Course

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  • Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server Foundation (TVCSF)

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    The Cisco TelePresence® Video Communications Suite Foundation version 2.0 instructor-led remote delivery course offered by High-Touch Delivery Learning Services will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to install and configure basic features on the Cisco® VCS, including SIP, H.323, interworking, internal routing (including trunks to Cisco UCM), external routing, bandwidth management, and redundancy.

    Software Version

    • VCS x8.1


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Install Cisco VCS Appliance
    • Describe the H.323 and SIP standards and call flow
    • Configure transforms, zones, search rules and call policy
    • Configure basic security features
    • Configure traversal and DNS zones
    • Manage bandwidth


    • Module 1: Cisco VCS Initial Installation and Setup
      •  Cisco VCS documentation, key features, and licensing
      •  Cisco VCS hardware, virtual machine, and physical installation
    • Module 2: Cisco VCS H.323 Gatekeeper and SIP Registrar
      •  Cisco VCS basic settings
      •  H.323 standard, messaging, and Cisco VCS configuration
      •  SIP standard, messaging, and Cisco VCS configuration
    • Module 3: Cisco VCS Internal Call Routing
      • Cisco VCS call routing
      • Regular expressions
      • Cisco VCS transforms
      • Cisco VCS search rules
      • Cisco VCS default and neighbor zones
      • Cisco VCS call policy
    • Module 4: Cisco VCS Security
      •  Cisco VCS passwords, welcome messages, SSH, and Telnet
      •  Encryption
      •  Cisco VCS authentication
    • Module 5: Cisco VCS External Call Routing
      •  Cisco VCS traversal zones
      •  Cisco VCS DNS zones
    • Module 6: Cisco VCS Additional Features
      •  Cisco VCS bandwidth management
      •  Cisco VCS presence
      •  Cisco VCS redundancy

    Lab Outline

    • Lab 1: Cisco VCS Initial Configuration
    • Lab 2: Cisco VCS H.323 Registration
    • Lab 3: Cisco VCS SIP Registration
    • Lab 4: Cisco VCS Call and Search Details
    • Lab 5: Regular Expressions
    • Lab 6: Cisco VCS Transforms
    • Lab 7: Cisco VSC Neighbor Zones (includes neighboring to Unified CM)
    • Lab 8: Cisco VCS Authentication
    • Lab 9: Cisco VCS Expressway Configuration
    • Lab 10: Cisco VCS DNS Zones
    • Lab 11: Cisco VCS Subzone Configuration
    • Lab 12: Cisco VCS Clustering

    Target Audience

    This course is designed for engineers who are installing and configuring Cisco VCS. The primary
    audience for this course includes:

    • Installation engineers
    • Third-line support engineers
    • Cisco TelePresence network design engineers


    Following are the prerequisites for this course:

    • Cisco TelePresence Basics On-Demand (TBOD) and Cisco TelePresence Endpoint
      Foundation (TEPF)
    • TelePresence Support and Operations Training
    • equivalent knowledge

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