Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WISECURE) 1.0

Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WISECURE) 1.0

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Technology : Wireless / Mobility

Duration : 5 Days Course

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  • Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WISECURE) 1.0

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    This course provides students with the guidelines for implementing Wi-Fi security architectures through proper configuration of Cisco wireless components. WISECURE provides students hands-on labs to reinforce concepts. Concepts taught include deploying Cisco AireOS 8.0, Prime Infrastructure release 2.2, and Identity Services Engine release 1.3 features.


    Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Define security approaches in a Wi-Fi design
    • Describe how to design and deploy end point and client security
    • Describe how to design and deploy ISE in a Wi-Fi network
    • Explain how to secure the Wi-Fi infrastructure
    • Design and deploy Wi-Fi access control
    • Describe management and monitoring capabilities in the Wi-Fi environment


    • Module 1: Define Security Approaches in a Wi-Fi Design
    • Module 2: Design and Deploy End Point and Client Security
    • Module 3: Design and Deploy Cisco ISE and Management Platforms
    • Module 4: Secure Wi-Fi Infrastructure
    • Module 5: Design and Deploy Wi-Fi Access Control
    • Module 6: Design and Deploy Monitoring Capabilities
    • Discovery 1: Overview of Cisco ISE
    • Discovery 2: Implementing SNMP v3
    • Discovery 3: Configure and Verify Cisco MFP
    • Discovery 4: Rogue AP Monitoring and Rules
    • Discovery 5: Live Logs and Client 360° View
    • Discovery 6: Security Report Operations
    • Discovery 7: Use System Security Verification Tools
    • Guided Lab 1: Configure WPA2 Access
    • Guided Lab 2: Configure 802.1X Access
    • Guided Lab 3: Configure RADIUS Integration
    • Guided Lab 4: Configure a Basic Access Policy
    • Guided Lab 5: Configure a Contractor2 Authentication Policy
    • Guided Lab 6: Configure Hotspot Guest Access
    • Guided Lab 7: CWA and Self-Registered Guest Operations
    • Guided Lab 8: Configure Secure Administrative Access


    It is recommended, but not required, that students have basic knowledge of:

    • Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • Cisco Identity Services Engine
    • Metageek Channelizer Software
    • Voice Signaling Protocol
    • Basic QoS
    • Application Visibility and Control
    • LAN switching

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