FortiGate Kick Starter Package

FortiGate Kick Starter Package

  • FortiGate Kick Starter Package

    Upon Request

    Entry-level Series

    FortiGate Entry-level Series Package is designed for Feature-rich Security Appliances For Small/Home Offices & Small Branch Offices. It is recommended when you buy any of the following appliances:


    FG/FWF- 30E /50E Series
    FG/FWF- 60E Series
    FG/FWF-70 & 90D Series
    FG-80E Series
    FG-94 & 98D-POE


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 10 Routes

    • up to 30 Firewall Policies

    • up to 50 Objects


    * please not that in a typical branch office, no more than 1 firewall needs to be deployed

    Upon Request

    Mid-Range Level Series

    FortiGate Mid-Range Level Series Package is designed for High Performance, Top Rated Network Security for Mid-Sized Enterprises. It is recommended when you buy any of the following appliances:

    • FG-900D
    • FG-800D
    • FG-600D
    • FG-500E
    • FG-400D
    • FG-300E
    • FG-200E Series
    • FG-100E Series


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 35 Routes

    • up to 100 Firewall Policies

    • up to 250 Objects

    Upon Request

    High-End Series

    FortiGate High-End Series Package is designed for Data Center Firewall/Large Enterprise NGFW with High Speed Interfaces. It is recommended when you buy any of the following appliances:

    • FG-1000D Series
    • FG-3000D/E Series
    • FG-2000E Series


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 100 Routes

    • up to 500 Firewall Policies

    • up to 1000 Objects


    The FortiGate Kick-start package includes Consultancy support, documentation and training for internal Administrators within a single organic Consultancy Package.

    The FortiGate Kick-start package is executed by our Specialised FortiGate Professional Services and is designed to have a logical activity flow to ensure consistent results in a given time with the objective to install, configure, test and go-to-operations with your FortiGate solution.

    The activities carried out throughout the Package execution entail from a deep interview to understand and address all explicit and hidden requirements for defining a preliminary design to the implementation and delivery of a working environment fully configured and documented.

    At project completion, the Fortinet solution is handed over to your staff, which will be able to run the show on their own or let Insoft support you with our Managed Services solution.

    All services will be delivered by skilled, trained and certified Professional Services consultants.

    Package Content Description

    This preliminary design is validated and a detailed design is defined for its implementation, addressing:


    • Static routes

    • Policy Routes

    • Firewall policies

    • Address Objects

    • Custom Service Objects

    • Source NAT

    • Destination NAT

    • Security profiles (AV, IPS, Web filtering, application control, etc.)

    • Remote Authentication - AD / LDAP Server / Radius Server

    • Authentication

    • IPsec VPN tunnel

    • SSL VPN portals


    The Package flow will include the following project phases:


    Requirements Analysis

    Preliminary Design

    • Topology

    • Interfaces / Zones

    • Routing

    • Policies

    • VPN

    • Authentication Servers

    • Use cases, etc.

    • Registration and licensing

    • Firmware Upgrade

    • High Availability Cluster setup (optional)

    • Interface configuration

    • Live on LAN and WAN

    • FortiGate detailed configuration as defined by design and customer conditions.

    • Connectivity Tests (Internet, LAN, DMZ, etc.)

    • Destination NAT (VIP) Tests

    • VPN Tests

    • Securtiy Profiles working

    • High Availability Cluster Failover Test (optional)

    • Fine tuning of FortiGate configuration (best practice)

    • FortiGate Hardening (best practice)

    • Live-Test User use-cases

    • Addressing and remedial of possible issues that have been found during Live-Test

    • User acceptance signoff

    • FortiGate Customer Basic Training for internal Administrators

    • As built documentation

    • FortiGate Design overview

    • Internal Administrators take over and are responsible for the Firewall


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