FortiMigration Starter Package

FortiMigration Starter Package

  • FortiMigration Starter Package

    Upon Request

    Entry-level Series

    FortiMigration Entry-level Series Package is designed for Feature-rich Security Appliances For Small/Home Offices & Small Branch Offices. Third-party to FortiGate Firewall Migration Package (Entry Level) can be considered when you buy any of this Appliances:


    FG/FWF- 30E /50E Series
    FG/FWF- 60E Series
    FG/FWF-70 & 90D Series
    FG-80E Series
    FG-94 & 98D-POE


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 15 Routes

    • up to 50 Firewall Policies

    • up to 70 Objects


    * please not that in a typical branch office, no more than 1 firewall needs to be deployed

    Upon Request

    Mid-Range Level Series

    FortiGate Mid-Range Level Series Package is designed for High Performance, Top Rated Network Security for Mid-Sized Enterprises. It is recommended when you buy any of the following appliances:

    • FG-900D
    • FG-800D
    • FG-600D
    • FG-500E
    • FG-400D
    • FG-300E
    • FG-200E Series
    • FG-100E Series


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 35 Routes

    • up to 100 Firewall Policies

    • up to 250 Objects

    Upon Request

    High-End Series

    FortiGate High-End Series Package is designed for Data Center Firewall/Large Enterprise NGFW with High Speed Interfaces. It is recommended when you buy any of the following appliances:

    • FG-1000D Series
    • FG-3000D/E Series
    • FG-2000E Series


    This package can be applied to:

    • up to 100 Routes

    • up to 500 Firewall Policies

    • up to 1000 Objects


    Any experienced Security Manager know how challenging can be the migration of a stratified and normally not fully documented configuration.

    The FortiMigration Package is designed to let you go through the migration from legacy solution to next generation Fortinet firewall addressing and solving all those issues that seem relatively simple, but represent the challenge in a project based approach, supported by top-level staff from our Certified Professional Services Team. The FortiMigration package is planned and organized as a real project, ensuring a step by step verification approach for a seamless and error-free migration.

    We support your migration from a 3rd Party Firewall solution as:

    • Cisco

    • Check-Point

    • Juniper

    • Palo Alto Networks

    • Sophos

    • WatchGuard

    • SonicWall

    • McAfee

    Package Content Description

    The FortiMigration Package is a deliverables based project with defined duration and deliverables, so to ensure the new verified solution up and running in a defined time frame.

    In order to get a clear picture, a migration workshop examining the current configuration of third-party Firewall Solution will be held, so to review the requirements together with the responsible internal/external administrator leading to the migration scope that will represent our baseline.

    Firewall Migration Steps will be planned as well as configuration validation and tests after migration to FortiGate Firewall Solution.

    Basic initial activities are about the Design of the FortiGate-Firewall, FortiGate Initial Set-up, Fortinet Virtual Machine Basic Configuration, Registration and licensing, FortiGate Firmware updates. After that, the FortiGate Configuration migration from third-party Firewall will address the customer requirements and design, implementing the following:

    • Static routes

    • Policy Routes

    • Firewall policies

    • Address Objects

    • Custom Service Objects

    • Source NAT

    • Destination NAT

    • Security profiles (AV, IPS, Web filtering, application control, etc.)

    • Remote Authentication - AD / LDAP Server / Radius Server Authentication

    • IPsec VPN tunnel

    • SSL VPN portals

    After a formal Testing phase, the solution is handed-over to the Customer.

    Post migration Best Practice Configuration fine-tuning and hardening are carried out before the Testing phase, which ensure requirements satisfaction, functional and performance validation.

    At delivery, As Built Documentation is provided, including but not limited to:

    • FortiGate configuration

    • IP addresses

    • Admin access

    • Visio Firewall Design Overview


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