FortiSandbox Starter Package

FortiSandbox Starter Package

FortiSandbox Starter Package

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FortiSandbox Starter Package is designed to provide an Advanced Threat Protection solution designed to identify and thwart the highly targeted and tailored attacks.


It can be applied to:

• up to 20 FortiSandbox VMs

• up to 7 Integrated Fortinet Solution

• up to 7 Integrated Fortinet Solutions Configuration


Fortinet’s ability to provide an integrated solution is widely recognised and the implementation of the FortiSandbox through the Security Fabric offers automatic protection with a slightly simple setup. Insoft FortiSandbox Starter Package is dedicated to Customers choosing to build an effective defense against advanced targeted attacks through the FortiSandbox capabilities, as the Real-time intelligent updating, to quote one.

The FortiSandbox Starter package provides the customer with top level Certifies Engineering support for deploying your FortiSandbox solution. All services will be delivered by skilled, trained and certified Professional Services Consultants.

FortiSandbox Starter Package is designed for Virtual Appliances, such as:

• FortiSandbox VM (up to 40 VMs)
FortiSandbox 1000D
FortiSandbox 2000E
FortiSandbox 3500D

Package Content Description

The FortiSandbox Starter Package will ensure a working configuration addressing an Integrated Fortinet Security Solution which includes FortiGate elements, FortiMail instances, FortiWeb, FortiClient (via FortiClient EMS), FortiADC.

FortiSandbox VMs up to a certain number, as well as Fortinet Security Solutions configuration for FortiSandbox integration including:

• FortiGate – up to X AV Profiles for FortiSandbox integration

• FortiMail – up to X AV Profiles for FortiSandbox integration

• FortiWeb – up to X Upload Profiles for FortiSandbox integration

• FortiClient – up to X FortiSandbox Profiles (via FortiClient EMS)

• FortiADC – up to X FortiSandbox Profiles

Our Professional Services ensure you Post Implementation, Best Practice Configuration, Fine Tuning and Hardening as well as testing and documentation to have a configured, verified, working, documented and accepted working

Optional Add-ons

Optionally we propose a number of options for increasing the scope of youPackage, such as:

• FortiSandbox configuration in Sniffer Mode

• Preparation and deployment of Custom customer predefined VMs into FortiSandbox

• Third Party integration with FortiSandbox via JSON API

• Configuration of Network Shares for FortiSandbox inspection

• Configuration of Quarantine ́s for FortiSandbox

• Configuration of FortinetSecurity Fabric integration/Malware – URL Packages redistribution

• Configuration of White / Black lists

• Configuration of remote logging

• High Availability setup & failover testing – If multiple FortiSandboxs have been purchased, Insoft will set up a High Availability cluster and perform failover testing to ensure sandbox inspection in the case of hardware or link failure

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